Address Check

KYC Toolbox Application Notes for Address Checks

Address Check in Customer Management

In Customer Management, customers now have a further attribute: address.

The fields consist of:

  • Additional information about the address, e.g. "care of (c/o)"
  • P.O. Box
  • Street
  • House number
  • Apartment number
  • Postcode/ZIP
  • Place (city)
  • Country (2 code)

Several addresses can be specified for one customer.

Customer Management_Jul20

Important: If the customer had already provided an address (e.g. delivered by using the onboarding chatbot), it will be displayed as an "unstructured address". These fields are not editable and cannot be used for the address check.

Procedure for Postal Address Checks

For "Person", the tool "Address Check" is now available. This function checks whether the name is registered at the address with Swiss Post as specified. If several names and/or addresses are registered, all combinations are checked.

The following requirements must be met if the "Address Check" function is used:

  • Additional information: optional
  • Mailbox: optional
  • Street: required
  • House number: required
  • Apartment number: optional
  • Postcode: required
  • Place: required
  • Country (2 code): must be "CH

Address Check Results

The "Address Check" can deliver the following results:

  • MATCH: At least one combination consisting of name and address is valid.
  • NO MATCH: No combination consisting of name and address is valid, there is at least one combination that is invalid.
  • INCOMPLETE: All combinations contain incomplete names or addresses.

At the same time, an "Address Check Report" is available in the KYC file, which provides a detailed result.

Notes on the Address Check

The "address check" is also available in the KYC API. The API documentation was adapted accordingly. The current API documentation is available directly from your dashboard.