KYC Toolbox Application Notes about the API

The API description as well as the "API Samples-Config" and "Request", are available in the KYC Dashboard. To access the dashboard, click on the KYC Spider logo in the Toolbox.

API Testing

To test the API, a Toolbox test account is needed. Please get in contact with the KYC Support

Team (support@kyc.ch ). They will be happy to activate the Test API for you.

API Booking

If a subscription is booked online, the function can be ordered directly. The costs are

deducted directly from the coin balance. Should the API interface be desired after the

subscription purchase, please reach out to the KYC Support Team (support@kyc.ch) for the

activation of the API service.

If the API is correctly implemented, the items:

  • New Customer
  • Check Risk

are executed automatically, based on the data submitted via API. A customer file is

automatically created, and the KYC Check will directly be issued. The check report is

generated automatically and saved in the customer's KYC files within the Toolbox. You may

also call the check report via the API.

API Costs

The API connection of the KYC Toolbox to your system costs 1'500 Coins.