Assess KYC File

KYC Toolbox Application Notes for the Assessment of KYC Files

Procedure to Assess a KYC File

  • In the tab "KYC Files / Details" with the button "ASSESS KYC FILE" , the final risk categorization per customer will be done and a report will be generated the stored* in the KYC File. 
    Assess KYC Files_button_ENG
    Assess KYC Files_Riskassessment_ENG
  • As soon as this risk assessment has been done, an approval report appears in the KYC Ffile (top "folder").
  • The status is changed to Assessed. The status "Assessed" can only be assigned by the system by concluding the counterparty with the risk assessment.
  • It is possible to change the status between "to be processed" and "to be assessed" manually.
    KYC Files beurteilen_Status_ENG KYC Files beurteilen_Status ändern_ENG
    • «to be processed» This status is shown if different steps such as KYC Check, Verification, Video Identification etc. are needed to be performed for an entity.
    • «to be assessed» If the status is changed to «to be assessed», the contract group is ready for the risk assessment.
  • In the tab "KYC Files", you can filter according to these status.

Costs for Assess KYC File

The functionality Assess KYC File is totally free for Toolbox users.