Document Store

KYC Toolbox Application Notes about the Document Store

With "Document Store", the entered customer data, reports and KYC documents are stored

for you in the Toolbox on a long-term basis (long-term storage). If storage is not desired, KYC

Spider is obliged to delete all data stored in the Toolbox, including log files and reports, due

to data protection regulations. Reference is made here to the KYC Platform Privacy Policy.

After the storage period (4 weeks) has expired, any new Data inputs to the toolbox will create

a new KYC File and 6 coins for creating a new KYC file will be subtracted again. Should you

decide to include the Document Store in the subscription, the Toolbox will not deduct any

further coins when re-checking an existing entity with a unique customer reference.

Costs Document Store

Your own document store in the KYC Toolbox costs 7'500 coins per year as "Fix" version. Customers with lower volumes can benefit from this feature for 6 coins per year and relation.