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KYC Release Note 07.09.21

Updates in your KYC Toolbox from 07.09.21

NEW We are pleased to introduce Online Identification, another tool for simple, fast and efficient identification of your customers.

Online Identification is available to your customers 24/7, facilitating even more flexible onboarding. Regardless of where clients are, which time zone they are in. Online identification, as well as identification via video, is carried out by our partner "Intrum" in accordance with legal requirements. The number of coins required varies depending on the selected Toolbox subscription and starts at 4 coins per identification.

Online identification is optionally available via website or mobile app. The system automatically guides the customer through the process and performs the following checks:

  • ID check
    The identification tool recognizes the ID document and automatically reads the personal data such as name, birthday and nationality.
  • Face recognition
    Images of the client’s face are then taken and compared with the ID document. In addition, the module checks whether the person is alive by turning the customer's head to the left and to the right. This creates a 3D model using a series of images, which is also used for identification.
  • Recognition of security features
    Finally, the security features on the ID document such as holograms are checked. When all security features have been successfully recognized and matched, verification is complete.

A detailed report on the successful online identification is displayed in the toolbox.



For questions regarding the integration of the new function via API interface, please contact us directly at support@kyc.ch.