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KYC Release Note 08.10.19

Updates in your KYC Toolbox from 08.10.2019


NEW The KYC Check button has been renamed to «CHECK RISK». VERIFY RISKS NEW Potential hits are now shown directly in the Toolbox:


Hits can be processed directly in the toolbox by verifying whether it is a True Positive / True Hit (TP) or a False Positive / False Hit (FP). Once the verification has been completed, a KYC Investigation Report is generated and available in the Toolbox. No risk proposal is displayed by the system and no decision regarding risk categorization needs to be taken with this step. The risk for the individual category results from the evaluation TP or FP. The risk is classified under "Assess Contract". The layout of the report has changed slightly.


NEW Re-Check Option including Whitelisting is now available to you. If your customer data issaved in the toolbox via Document Store, the verification and risk assessment of the respective entity is saved for you. Thus, when a new KYC check is performed, which can either be performed manually and individually for each entity by uploading a CSV file or by retransmitting the customer data via API, only the changes are noted. The by a change of status affected entities are marked with "to be verified" and displayed in the customer overview. In order to process these verifications efficiently, a new filter function is available (see also COSTUMER LIST).



NEW the status of a contract can be changed manually from «to be processed» to «to be assessed». The following contract states are available:

«to be processed» This status is shown if different steps such as KYC Check, Verification, Video Identification etc. are needed to be performed for an entity.

«to be assessed» If the status is changed to «to be assessed», the contract group is ready for the risk assessment.

«assessed» The risk categorisation has been completed. The state "assessed" can be fulfilled via "Assess Contract". This button is used to categorize the risk.




NEW the search filter can be fold out or fold in. A new filter "to be verified" shows you that a verification of potential hit is pending for the respective customer. The risk per entity is displayed in an overview of two columns. The first column displays the risk of the KYC Check (via Check Risk). The second column displays the verification risk (via Assess Contract). The risks are displayed as follows

(C) No indications (no or minimal risk)

(B) Indications of increased risk

(A) Indications of high risk

Should the KYC Check or the Verfication have not been completed yet, it displays a «?».




NEW the search filter can be fold out or fold in. A new filter function «new verification» is available. There are the entities listed which have experienced a change in status during a re-check and therefore a renewed risk categorisation should be carried out. Furthermore, the risk is now shown with reference to the entire contractual relationship.

Once the final risk assessment (assess contract) has been carried out, the classified risk or decision is shown as following

  • Low Risk
  • Medium Risk
  • High Risk
  • Very high risk
  • Rejected
If the classification has not been completed, you will see a «?».



If you have questions to the new features, please dont hesitate to contact the KYC Support Team.