MRZ Check (Machine Readable Zone)

KYC Toolbox Application Notes for MRZ Checks

The MRZ Check is used to check an ID or passport copy uploaded into the Toolbox.

Procedure of the MRZ Check

  • There are two possibilities to execute an MRZ check
    • The upload service can be used to send the customer a request to upload a copy of an ID card. Only scanned documents are accepted by the Toolbox. Photos can cannot be processed.
    • Or identification documents can be uploaded into the Toolbox via Self-Upload.
  • As soon as the copy of the ID or passport has been uploaded and stored in the KYC File, an MRZ check is performed.
  • The last uploaded document is always used for this check.
  • The report is stored directly in the KYC File.
  • This check determines whether the Machine Readable Zone is readable in the uploaded ID or passport copy (no authentication).

Costs MRZ Check

The MRZ Check costs 5 coins.