Onboarding Chatbot

KYC Toolbox Application Notes about the Onboarding Chatbot

This chatbot you can use, when automatically filled out compliance forms (standard: VQF forms) are to be generated for natural persons. The same function is available for generating forms for legal entities.

Procedure of the Onboarding Chatbot

  • The e-mail address and the mobile number of the customer are required.
  • By clicking on the button "Onboarding Chatbot" an e-mail editor window with an e-mail text suggestion will be opened. With this editor the text can be adjusted and the e-mail can be sent to the customer. It is important to note that the link is not deleted from the e-mail suggestion. Should this happen accidentally, the window can be closed and restarted (click on Onboarding Chatbot).

    Onboarding Chatbot_mail editor_eng

  • The customer receives a link and an SMS code (after activation e-mail link - TAN method) with which he can activate the chatbot.
    Bildschirm_foto 2022-11-07 um 14.10.54
  • As soon as the code is entered, the chatbot starts automatically, and the questions can be answered.
    Bildschirm_foto 2022-11-07 um 14.31.50 
  • If a question has to be corrected afterwards, this can be edited later by clicking on the following symbol.
    Bildschirm_foto 2022-11-07 um 13.48.36-1 
  • It is possible at any time to change the language of the chatbot to DE, EN or FR by clicking on the following symbol.
    Bildschirm_foto 2022-11-07 um 13.53.11-1
  • If all questions have been conclusively answered and confirmed by the interviewee, the status in the Toolbox is set to "Complete" and the report is stored in the Toolbox.

Costs of the Onboarding Chatbot

The onboarding chatbot costs 75 coins.