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KYC Release Note 21.01.20

Updates in your KYC Toolbox from 21.01.2020

NEW there is a new view option for the KYC file available where the files are sorted and showed chronologically.

NEW it is now possible to upload customer documents (e.g. passport or ID etc.) into the respective KYC file by yourself. You do not longer need to request them from your customers via the upload service again.

KYC Upload Customer Files

NEW it is now possible to enter the year of birth in the field "Date of Birth" only instead of using the spelling "??.??.2000" (example).

KYC Data Input Birthdaze

NEW The customer overview can newly be filtered and sorted by risk in the customer and contract overview.

KYC Filter EN

NEW the API has been extended with various options:

  • It is now possible to request the verification risk via the API (chapter 5.2.3: Check Customer and chapter 11.2.3: Get Customer Information in the API description). The JSON object, which is returned as feedback, contains the new field "verificationRisk".

  • It is possible to pass the risk as a query parameter to filter the customer list by risk. (URL for API Users: https://kyc.eurospider.com/kyc-v8-api/rest/1.0.0/customers?verificationRisks=string, Chapter 9.1 List Customer References in the API description)

  • The item "verificationRisks" is described in the API documentation.

    KYC Technical Documentation

If you have questions to the new features, please do not hesitate to contact the KYC Support team.