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KYC Release Note 05.11.19

Updates in your KYC Toolbox from 05.11.2019


NEW the Button «Register Check» has been renamed to «Registry Check».


NEW a difference is made between a Scan (checking a number of customers which are read in via upload of a CSV file) and a Re-Check (repeated check of all existing customers which are already registered in the Toolbox). That means, with one single click you can Re-Check all your existing customers. If the verification of the potential hits has been saved for all customers, it will show you entities for which changes have been registered only (e.g. new on a sanctions list).

Furthermore, the output of information has been extended when a scan is completed via upload of a CSV file. More information will be shown directly in the Toolbox or in the result file generated (download result) should there be a conflict in format. We are happy to herewith send you the updated scan format description. The descriptions mentioned above can be found especially in chapters 4 and 5 (page 5 and 6).

We would also like to kindly inform you that with today's release your previous scans are no longer visible in the Toolbox Scan-Overview. However, this does not change the customer base - they are still available and visible in your Toolbox.


If you have questions to the new features, please do not hesitate to contact the KYC Support team.