Verify Risks (verification of hits)

KYC Toolbox Application Notes for Verify Risk

If hits have been found with "Check Risk", they can be verified with this function.

Procedure to verify risks

  • Click on "Verify Risks" to check these hits. 
  • The hits are shown directly in the Toolbox.
  • With the black arrow in front of the numbering of the respective hit, the details per hit can be shown.
  • Comments can be added for each potential hit. With a click on "add comment". These comments are saved* and integrated into the report.
  • The risk categories are shown. Move your mouse over the risk categorization to see the explanations.
  • The evaluation of the individual hits is carried out by assessment (before the respective names).
    • TP: True Positive
    • FP: False Positive 
  • Click on "Close Verification" to create and save the report in the Toolbox and the KYC Fle.*
  • Optionally you can add a comment.
  • Click on "Cancel" to cancel the verification. With a click on "Close" the verification is finalized and a Report is created and stored in the KYC File.*


Costs Verify Risks 

A verification can be performed unlimited times per entity within 24 hours without additional costs. The costs of 6 coins are already deducted when the KYC file is created.