Video Identification

KYC Toolbox Application Notes for Video Identifications

Procedure for the Video Identification

  • The e-mail address and the mobile number of the customer is required.
  • Click on the "Video Identification" button to open an e-mail editor window with an e-mail text suggestion. This editor can be used to adjust the text and send the e-mail to the customer. It is important to ensure that the link is not deleted from the e-mail suggestion. Should this happen accidentally, the window can be closed and restarted (click on Video Identification).
  • With click on send, the invitation for the identification process is sent to the entity.
  • The Video Identification Service is performed by a third party.
  • The identification process is described here.
  • After successful video identification, the interview documents are stored directly in the respective KYC file.

Advice for using Video Identification

Costs for the Video Identification

The costs for the video identification will be calculated in CHF according to the needed volume.